Subject Portal

Subject Portal (Free access of Journals and others)

    African Journals OnLine (AJOL) [Agricultural sciences, Science& technology]
    ArgosBiotech-Science Media [Science]
    arXiv [Physics,Computer Science, Quantitative Biology & Statistics]
    Australian Family Physician[Medical Science]
    Bentham Open Access [Science, technology, Medicine and Social sciences]
    BIOINFO[Science, Technology, Medicine]
    Bioline International [Bioscience]
    BioMed Central [Medical Science]
    CLACSO [Social Science]
    Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes
    Cool Toad Open Access Resources [Arts, Science]
    Cornell University Library [Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Science]
    Database of University of cincinnati [Science and Engineering
    Databases for Magazine/Journal Articles, etc. [Arts, Science and Humanities]
    Digital Library and Archives [Education, Engineering, Literature ,Technology, Philosphy]
    Directory of Open Access Journals(DOAJ) [Arts, Science, Humanities]
    Donane Institute- Nutrition for Health [Nutritional]
    Directory of Open Access Scholarly  [Education]
    E-Journal of Chemistry [Chemistry]
    Electronic Journals Library (8000+ Journals) [Arts, Science and Humanities]
    Electronic Library of Mathematics [Mathematics]
    Free Access to Engineering & Science e-journals  [Science and Engineering]
    Free Full text Journals [Science and Technology]
    Free Full-Text Journals in Chemistry [Chemistry]
    Free Management Library [Management]
    Free medical journals  [Medical Science]
    Gate way for free e-journals [All Subjects]
    German Medical Science Journals Portal [Medical Science]
    Genamics [Educational Psychology]
    Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research [Medical Science]
    Health Library & Information Services Directory [Medical Science/ Health Science]
    HEC National Digital Library (DL) [Science]
    Hindawi Publishers Corporation [Science, Technology and Medicine]
    HighWire  Free Online Full-text Articles [Medical Science]
    Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS) [Sciences]
    Indian journals [Science, Medical Science]
    Indian medical journals [Medical Science]
    Intute search engine [Science, Engineering and Technology]
    IOP Science [Physics]
    J-Stage Journals Directory [All Subjects]
    JURN Directory [Arts and Humanities]
    Lebanese American University– Free Journals [Arts, Science and Humanities]
    Links to Sanskrit resources [Sanskrit]
    Mathematics Journals with Free Online Access [Mathematics]
    Medical and Bio-technology journals [Medical Science and Bio-Technology]
    MedIND  [Medical Science]
    Medknow  [Medical Science]
    MGU Open Access Resources [All Subjects]
    Molecular diversity preservation international(MDPI) [Molecular and Biomolecular]
    NUMDUM – Mathematical Archival Collection [Mathematics]
    OAPEN  [Humanities and Social Sciences]
    Open Access English Language Journals in LIS [Library and Information Science]
    Open Access [General]
    Open Archives Initiative-Grainer Library [Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics]
    Openj-gate [All Subjects]
    PhysNet [Physics]
    Psychology related periodicals [Psychology]
    Public Knowledge Project [All Subjects]
    Public library of science(PLoS) [Science and Medical]
    PubMed Central  [Medical Science]
    PubMed Central UK [Medical Science]
    Sabinet [Medical Science and Humanities]
    Scielo-Scientific library online [Science]
    The Electronic Library of Mathematics [Mathematics]
    Trials [Medical Science]
    UNESCO Social & Human Sciences Online Periodicals [Social & Human Sciences]
    Wake Tech: Library Services [Arts, Science and Humanities]